Growth Research for Startups a a a

About Me

I specialize in helping founders and organizations do the often skipped over
research required to make a growth campaign successful. Then, I help them
build solutions and execute growth experiments or help them hire talented
freelancers to do this important work – resources in hand.

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I offer the following specialized services just for early and growth stage startups

User Definition & Interviews

I work with you to define your target customer persona, recruit them and interview them. Validate your hypotheses with real feedback.

Solution & Price Testing

Through surveys and user interviews we get data on your customers' willingness to pay for your solution, your best & worst features, and price elasticity curve.

Product-Promise <> Market Fit

Run “Minimum Viable Marketing`` tests with an acquisition campaign + landing page to test for fit between your product's promise and your target market

Let’s discuss working together

Interested in learning about how I can help you build excellent user research and growth practices at your startup? Send me a message.